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Wed Dec 2 - Board-a-match teams

posted 27 Nov 2015, 02:15 by Unknown user
There will be a new format for CBC's session on Wednesday December 2nd.  Paul Barden explains the scoring and tactics for Board-a-match teams.  BAM is a very simple way to score a teams’ event.  On each board, the team with the better score wins the board.  If the two teams have the same score, the board is tied.  And the team which wins the most boards, counting half a board for ties, wins the event.  There’s no looking at IMP tables and adding up the IMPs, you just count your wins.  It’s like the matchpointed pairs we play on most CBC evenings, but you compare only with your teammates, not with the whole field. 

Tactics are very similar to matchpoints.  The difference is that you’re comparing with only one score, so it helps to know your teammates’ style.  If you think you can guess what the contract will be at the other table, then your aim is to get a better score.  +50 is no good if teammates are -90, +100 is no good if teammates are -110, +90 is no good if teammates are -100, so you may judge to double aggressively, or to play aggressively for overtricks.  At matchpoints, saves are worth trying only if the field is bidding the contract you’re saving against.  At BAM, the only question is whether your teammates have bid it.  There’s no point in saving for -200 or -300 if teammates have scored +140 or +170.  On the other hand, if they’re +620 then -500 wins the board. 

Paul thinks the game is hard enough without trying to guess what’s happened at the other table!  If you imagine you’re playing matchpoints your tactics will be about right.

As it is a Teams event, it is not hosted.  Please come along as a team of 4.