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Butler Pairs changes to cross-imps scoring

posted 9 Sept 2013, 01:49 by Colin Sills   [ updated 9 Sept 2013, 01:49 ]
The scoring method for the Butler Pairs Championship, starting on Wed 11 September,  will change from the Butler method of scoring to the cross-imps method.

In line with EBU recommendations, the committee has decided to change the scoring method.  The Butler method of scoring was simple to score by hand, but it discards some results and data.  The cross-imps method takes all scores, calculates swings for each one against all the others and averages the result.  Whilst requiring more calculations, it gives a more 'accurate' result and with modern scoring software the calculation time is neglible.

In play, the tactics used for a cross-imps scored competition are exactly the same as for the original Butler scoring.