Return to face to face bridge on Tuesday evening

posted 13 Apr 2022, 03:13 by Rosemary Tate

We shall be returning to face to face bridge at Trumpington Village Hall from Tuesday April 19th.  Play will commence at 7.30.

The hosting system has been working very well on Monday mornings so we plan to extend the system to Tuesday evening.  Please let Vic  know if you can volunteer as a host one Tuesday - maybe because you dont have a partner or because your regular partner cannot play.  We will also need directors and scorers for Tuesday evening - see news item below.

Directors and scorers needed

posted 13 Apr 2022, 03:02 by Rosemary Tate

In order to keep our face to face games running smoothly, we need more  volunteers to score or direct.  We need people for both Monday mornings and Tuesday evenings. Please contact Vic Morris to volunteer.  Alternatively, please contact Rosemary if you would like training in either of these roles.

CBC annual bridge weekend

posted 4 Mar 2022, 06:51 by Rosemary Tate   [ updated 4 Mar 2022, 07:02 ]

For the fifth year, a very successful bridge weekend took place from 25th - 27th February at the Olde Barn Hotel in Grantham.  Photos of the happy crowd and the prizes are attached (on the news page), together with a report of the weekend. 

Return to face to face bridge on Monday morning

posted 5 Jan 2022, 14:20 by Rosemary Tate   [ updated 18 Feb 2022, 09:15 ]

With the relaxing of Covid restrictions, we returned to Face to Face bridge at Trumpington Village Hall on Monday January 31st.

The hosting system has been working very well and many of you  found new partners after lockdown this way.  Please let Rosemary know if you can volunteer as a host one Monday- maybe because you dont have a partner or because your regular partner cannot play.

Commentary for Monday 1st November game

posted 1 Nov 2021, 08:04 by Rosemary Tate   [ updated 1 Nov 2021, 12:01 by Colin Sills ]

Jon Cooke has kindly written a commentary for our first face to face game since lockdown.
It can be found attached to this news post (see below) and, alternatively, in the 'Information' tab in the results on Bridgewebs here.

Return to Face to Face Bridge

posted 27 Oct 2021, 03:00 by Rosemary Tate   [ updated 27 Oct 2021, 04:52 by Colin Sills ]

We shall be restarting face to face bridge at Trumpington Village Hall on Monday 1st of November at 10 am. 

We ask members to play in our face-to-face games only if you have been vaccinated against Covid-19.  If  not, for whatever reason, please play online. Please stay away if you have any Covid symptoms. Mask wearing will be optional.

Please aim to arrive at 9.45am and take a seat. 

There will  be a hosting system, so members coming without a partner will be guaranteed a game.

The Abdelmoniem Trophy

posted 24 Sept 2021, 09:51 by Rosemary Tate

Congratulations to Rod Oakford and Simon Barb who won the Trophy with an overall score of 394.06. Runners up were Nadia Stelmashenko and Victor Milman with 379.51. Third place were Angela Tasker and Roger Timmins with 355.93.

The full results can be found at Abdelmoniem 2021 Results

Jacobs Shield and Collis Plate

posted 22 Apr 2021, 13:07 by John Liebeschuetz   [ updated 25 Apr 2021, 00:48 by Colin Sills ]

Many Congratulations to:

Simon Barb and Rod Oakford, runaway winners of the Jacobs Shield  with 179.94 pts
Jenny Jacobsberg and Joanne Caldwell, 2nd with 136.98 pts, and 
Victor Milman and Nadia Stelmashenko, 3rd with 106.80 pts.

Julian Wightwick, Alan Shillitoe, Clive Stops, Dave Harrison and John Liebeschuetz, winners of the Collis Plate with 215.88 Imps
Alberto Racca, Kyung Chan Lee,  William Clennell, Dominic Cooke and Lily Kearney, 2nd with 171 Imps,
Roger Courtney, Roger Salmon, Alison Lloyd, Simon Wood, Spyros Roumeliotis and Tanawan Watts 3rd with 153.88 Imps.

Cambridge Bridge Club Weekend 2021

posted 3 Mar 2021, 09:58 by John Liebeschuetz   [ updated 4 Mar 2021, 07:26 ]

For the fourth year, a very successful bridge weekend took place from 26th - 28th February. With the
lockdown in place, we had to be a bit creative. Prior to the weekend, all attendees received a welcome
gift of bridge coasters in the post. Deciding to mimic the face to face bridge weekend as much as
possible, we used RealBridge as our main platform. We had 8 full tables competing over the weekend.
To allow for maximum socialization, each RealBridge session was open 45 minutes before play. All
players were encouraged to come early and move from table to table to visit other attendees. This
seemed to work quite well! Also, after the session was over, players took advantage of the extra time
and again socialized.

We started out the weekend with a duplicate session on Friday night. With a couple of connection
issues resolved, we were able to seat all 32 players and begin our weekend! On Saturday afternoon
between our duplicate sessions, Jon Cooke’s presentation on “The commonest mistakes people make at
bridge” was well attended by 23 people via Zoom. The presentation was recorded, and with Jon’s
permission, will be available to all members.

We even got group pictures taken at our Awards Presentation Zoom on Sunday afternoon!
All results are available on the website. Congratulations must be said for Fred Langford & Mike Lloyd
who won 3 of the 4 duplicate sessions!!

But the big winner is Arthur Rank Hospice. We raised over £300 in memory of David Carmichael.

           Terry Otterman

Photos of the happy participants are attached

Aardvarks on Top

posted 2 Jan 2021, 05:07 by John Liebeschuetz

Congratulations go to The Aardvarks who finished Season 7 of the EBU's Lockdown League as overall Champions. Well done Paul, Barden, Jon Cooke, Carina Negreanu, David Kendrick and Claire Robinson and non-CBC members Cameron Small and Ollie Burgess.

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