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May Pamplin Shield

Handicap Teams

A single-session event for teams of four.  Teams are allocated by the Director on the day. The pair with the lowest combined handicap is teamed up with the pair with the highest combined handicap, second lowest with second highest and so on across the entire entry.

The May Pamplin Shield is presented to team with the best score.

The competition was formerly a Swiss Teams event. From 2006-07 it was decided to make it a single-session Handicap Teams event, usually held in November.

May Pamplin was a good golfer and bridge player who lived well into her 90s. 


Year Winner
2018-19Jon Cooke, David Kendrick, Terry Otterman, Allison Kaye
2017-18 John Rallison, Michael Bond, Ken Riley, Penny Riley
2016-17 Ann How, Richard Collis, David Kendrick, Victor Milman
Trevor McCann, Fred Peirce, Richard Earnshaw, Charlie Baylis
2014-15 Not held
2013-14 Ann Aplin, Ann How, Fred Allen, Richard Collis
2012-13 Brian Copping, Paul Bond, Ed Nevill, Andrew Cummins
2011-12 Philip Jones, Brenda Jones, Carole Parker, Peter Jackson
2010-11 Brenda Jones, Philip Jones, Tony Oram, Wendy Pollard
2009-10 Dave Harrison, Clive Stops, Fred Peirce, Damian Reid
2008-09 Bryan Last, Peter Last, Cynthia Bull, Nick Bull
2007-08 Sheila Parker, John Liebeschuetz, Alison Harrison, Peter Jackson
2006-07 Jenny Jacobsberg, Joanne Caldwell, Henry Lockwood, Michelle Dawson
2005-06 Eryl Howard, Eric Campbell, Nadia Stelmashenko, Victor Milman
2004-05 David Carmichael, Graham Dolan, Catherine Curtis, Paul Fegarty
2003-04 Victor Milman, Nadia Stelmashenko, Eryl Howard, Eric Campbell, Alan Sparkes, Roger Courtney
2002-03 Eryl Howard, Jenny Jacobsberg, Nadia Stelmashenko, Victor Milman
2001-02 Tapan Pal, James Martin, Gareth Birdsall, Randolf Jordan
2000-01 Sally Wraight, Philip Wraight, Nadia Stelmashenko, Victor Milman
1999-00 Catherine Jagger, Ed Linfield, Chris Jagger, Giles Woodruff, Jonathan Mestel
1998-99 Tapan Pal, Hiroshi Kaku, William Tunstall-Pedoe, Iain Watson
1997-98 C.Ashment, C.Jagger, J.Wightwick, J.Young, G.Woodruff
1996-97 J.Wightwick, S.T.Siklos, C.Jagger, G.O.Roberts
1995-96 A.Curtin, J.Turner, C.Kirkby, R.Speller
1994-95 A.Curtin, J.Turner, C.Kirkby, R.Speller
1993-94 T.Townsend, J.Cooke, J.Foster, F.Hinden
1992-93 P.Barden, J.Cooke, P.Harden, F.Hinden, T.Townsend

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